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12V18 AV li-ion battery

12V18 AV li-ion battery
  • 12V18 AV li-ion battery
  • 12V18 AV li-ion battery
  • 12V18 AV li-ion battery

Powerful and lightweight li-ion battery specially for use with bait boat, fish finder, belly boat and waterside energy needs. Drop in replacement for 12V7A/12V9A lead-acid battery. 

Runtime bait boat: more than 3x the runtime of a 9A lead-acid battery. 

Waterside energy:  charge up to 9 tablets or 15 smartphones (via the USB Adapter Duo). 


  • Compact and light weight: the battery weighs just 1.0 kg
  • Top performance: deep discharge (up to 100%) without negative effects on performance or cycle life 
  • Ease of use: lightweight and compact, recharged quickly and in between charges (full recharge in 4-5 hours), built-in abuse protection via BMS, Works with standard AC/DC converters.
  • Drop in replacement: same size as standard 9A lead-acid bait boat battery. 
  • Long cycle life: last up to ~ 10 Angling seasons
  • 2 year warranty


SET 3:  with 12.6V4A battery charger. 
Price € 229,- (set discount € 6.5)

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  • Our batteries are splashwater proof according to the IP54 standard. They cannot be fully immersed in water or handle heavy rains. To avoid problems use a waterproof battery container and position the battery upright on a slightly elevated level so that it is not continously standing in the water, or water can enter via the top of the battery.
  • Extra (ballast) weight might be required when using with bait boats. Please consult your bait boat specialist for specific advice. 
  • If you use a battery carrying case please ensure that NO water (from rain for instance) remains in the battery bag as this can damage the battery. Waterdamage is explicitly excluded from our warranty terms.

Technical specifications 12V18 AV battery
Chemistry Lithium ion
Voltage 11.1V
Capacity (C1-C20) 18Ah
EqPb (lead-acid equivalent) up to 36Ah
Nominal energy 199 Wh
Maximum continuous discharge  10A 
Peak discharge (10 sec) 15A 
Cycle life  (#charges) (@80%DoD) ~1500
Cycle life (#charges) (@100%DoD) ~1000
Dimensions 159x65x95 mm
Weight ~ 1.0 kG
Energy density ~ 104 Wh/kG
Electronics & BMS  
Bandwith voltage 9.0V ~ 12.6V
Charge temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Discharge temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 ~ 45 °C
Charging profile CC/CV
Maximum charge current  5A
Integrated cell balancing yes
Temperature protection yes
Maximum discharge current protection  yes
High voltage protection yes
Low voltage protection yes
Protection & Certification  
Standards (IEC 529) IP54
CE-certificate yes
Warranty 2 years


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  • Powerful lightweight li-ion batteries 
  • Portable energy for the outdoors: angling | marine | outdoor
  • User friendly with long service life

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