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12V70 li-ion battery

12V70 li-ion battery
  • 12V70 li-ion battery
  • 12V70 li-ion battery

12V70 AV li-ion battery with digital state of charge indicator, for use in following applications:

  • Angling: 12V trolling engine, depth sounder, waterside energy needs.
  • E-boating: propulsion of 12V e-motor to 55 Lbs (e.g. electric barges, dinghy etc.). 
  • Recreation: as service battery for sailing yachts, motor boat, mobile home and caravan.

depends on load, weather conditions, currents and use of trolling engine (running it in lower gear can more than double the runtime!). The battery can replace a lead-acid battery to 12V130Ah (indicative runtime:  3  ~ 6 hrs with a 55 Lbs e-motor at low speed).


  • Compact and light weight: the battery weighs just 6.5 kg's
  • Top performance: constant thrust even when battery is nearly empty, deep discharge (up to 100%) without negative effects on performance or cycle life
  • User friendly: lightweight and compact, LED state of charge indicator, can be used with 'standard' AC-DC converters. 
  • Easy charging: recharged quickly and in between charges (full recharge in 4-5  hours). Can also be charged with solar panels (special solar charge controller required). 
  • Reliable with long service life: built in abuse protection (against deep discharge, overvoltage, high temperatures etc.) through BMS and service life up to 10 years. 
  • 2 year warranty

For more detailed information check here

SET 1: with 12.6V10A charger. 
Price € 849,- (set discount € 29,-)

SET 2: with 12.6V20A fast charger. 
Price € 899,- (set discount € 29,-)

SET 3: with 12.6V20A wateproof charger. 
Price € 959,- (set discount € 79,-)

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  • Only charge with recommended li-ion battery charger with CC/CV charging profile and 12.6V max 35A voltage.
  • Always use a suitable fuse between the battery and trolling motor to protect both, Use battery cables of sufficient thickness with M8 tongue connectors (or ANEN plug connectors) to connect your trolling motor for a safe and reliable connection. Never use crodocile clamps to connect to the battery! These connections are not safe and can result in heat development and damage to your trolling engine and battery. Damage caused by unsuitable connectors or cabling is expliclty excluded from our warranty terms.
  • This battery is not suitable for use with caravan movers! The high peak currents can cause irreversable damage to your battery. 
  • Batteries can be connected in parallel for increased capacity. Always ensure that batteries are of same type, age, and charge status before connecting and use cables of sufficient thickness!
  • Our batteries are splashwater proof according to the IP54 standard. They cannot be fully immersed in water or handle heavy rains. To avoid problems use a waterproof battery container and position the battery upright on a slightly elevated level so that it is not continously standing in the water, or water can enter via the top of the battery. Waterdamage is explicitly excluded from our warranty terms.

Technical specifications 12V70 AV
Chemistry Lithium ion
Voltage 12.6V
Capacity (C1-C20) 70Ah
EqPb (lead-acid equivalent) up to 130Ah
Nominal energy 836 Wh
Maximum continuous discharge  60A 
Peak discharge (10 sec) 75A 
Cycle life  (#charges) (@80%DoD) ~1500
Cycle life (#charges) (@100%DoD) ~1000
Dimensions 195x130x155 mm
Weight ~ 6.5 kG
Energy density ~ 104 Wh/kG
Electronics & BMS  
Bandwith voltage 9.0V ~ 12.6V
Charge temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Discharge temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 ~ 45 °C
Charging profile  CC/CV
Maximum charge current  35A
Integrated cell balancing yes
Temperature protection yes
Maximum discharge current protection  yes
High voltage protection yes
Low voltage protection yes
Protection & Certification  
Standards (IEC 529) IP54
CE-certificate yes
Warranty 2 years


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