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Quick Connect Fish Finder

Quick Connect Fish Finder

Cable with extra connector for 1 click connection to fish finder (Note! select the right connector for your 12V li-ion battery below)  


  • A: 1 x 4mm2 cable: ~ 40 cm length with ANEN PA-45 red / black connectors 
  • Integrated 'in-line' 3A fuse + extra ANEN PA-45 connector for your fish finder 
  • 1 click connection of your battery and fish finder for a reliable and secure connection  

ATTENTION! For use with Fish Finders only. Not for use with trolling engines. 

Model A: for the 12V18 li-ion battery (Faston connectors)
Model B: for the 12V50 / 12V100 li-ion battery (M8-connectors)

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Quick Connect FF:

  • The Faston or M8 connectors (depending on model) are fixed "permanently" to the battery terminals of your 12V Rebelcell battery, and while the extra red/black ANEN connector needs to be connected tot the wiring of the fish finder.
  • The silver colored contact points of the ANEN connector can be crimped (used a  AMP crimping tool for non insulated cable connectors). After crimping the contact points need to be inserted in the the red (for +) or the black (for -) connector until they "click". The contact points are now secured and cannot be disconnected.  Slide the red and black parts in place with the black sheeth, and connect to the corresponding ANEN plug on the Quick Connect FF cable.

Consult your installer for further assembly instructions if needed. 

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