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Range Extender 12.6V13A

Range Extender 12.6V13A
  • Range Extender 12.6V13A
  • Range Extender 12.6V13A
  • Range Extender 12.6V13A

NEW! Range Extender to recharge your Rebelcell 12V70 AV / 12V140 AV battery ‘on the go’ via your (outboard) engine and extend your battery range.  

Suitable for use with (outboard) engines with 12V alternator with > 15A charge current ( in practice ~ 60HP +  (outboard) engine). 

The Range Extender : 1x Rebelcell DC-Charger 12.6V13A (165W), 1x Samlex BS100 Dual battery seperator, 1x cable-set with integrated fuses and connectors *


  • Optimal charging profile: the RE converts the alternator charge current to the suitable charge profile for your Rebelcel battery for safe charging. 
  • Starter battery discharge protection: the microprocessor controlled battery seperator ensures that charging of the Rebelcell battery only takes place after the starter battery is full.
  • Overcharge protection:  limits charge current automatically when battery is nearly full and shutdown if battery is full. 
  • Temperature protection: ‘dynamic thermal output control’ feature limits (or stops indien required) the charge current if temperatures are too high. 
  • Short circuit protection: automatic shutdown with short circuit
  • Reverse polarity protection: only on input (not on output)
  • 2 year warranty

* Note: additional cables for connecting the starter battery to the RE are not included. Cable length, thickness and connectors need to be customised to your specific situation. Contact your installation partner for the advise on the correct cables. 

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  • The Range Extender is suitable for use with (outboard) engines that meet the minimum alternator output requirements as indicated before. Consult the manual of your (outboard) engine for this information. Lower than specified charge current from the alternator will lead to de-activation of the DC charger as the battery separator will stop current flow to avoid discharge of the starter battery. 
  • The Range Extender is therefore not suitable for use with (outboard) engines that use a charging coil instead of an alternator: the capacity is not sufficient to charge both the starter battery and Rebelcell battery. 
  • Only use the Range Extender with the suitable Rebelcell battery(12V70 AV / 12V140 AV)! Using it with a different battery can lead to irreversible damage to your equipement and battery. This damage is explicitly excluded from warranty. 
  • Consult a certified electrician if you have any questions about installation

Technische parameters Range Extender 12V AV 
Capacity 165W
Galvanic seperation Yes
Input voltage range (alternator output) 9 - 18V
Output voltage 12.6V
Output Ripple & Noise <50mV RMS
Peak efficiency 85%
Parallel connection No
Temperature range -20° tot +30°C (linear lowering of charge current to 0 at 70°C)
Humidity (non condensing)  Max 95%
Dimensions 176 x 88 x 50 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Connectors input / output Non-isolated yellow AMP connector (Quick Connect M 6.3 mm)
Overcharge / short circuit Yes, output 
Over voltage Yes, input and output 
Reverse polarity protection Yes, input 
High temperature protection  Yes
Input fuse 25A inline (+ cable)
Output fuse 15A inline (+ cable)
CE Yes
Automotive Yes
EMI/EMC EN50081-1 (EMI), EN50082-1 (EMC) European Automotive Directive 95/54/CE.
Warranty 2 years



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