Outdoor Powerbanks

A need for power outdoors? Check out the Rebelcell Power Rebels. These Outdoor powerbanks with rugged casing and weatherproof design can charge your electronic devices like phones, tablets, laptops and drones multiple times.

Powerbanks for outdoors

The powerbanks are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and anglers:

  • Large capacity (26K and 48K)
  • Shockproof
  • Built-in solar panel on the 26K
  • Multiple USB outputs
  • Weatherproof
  • Powerful LED light

Solar power bank

The Power Rebel 26k has an integrated solar panel. This allows you to recharge your powerbank wherever the sun is. Simply place the powerbank with the solar panel in the sun and it will start charging automatically. Ideal for the angler who spends all day outside, but also for the water sportsman or camper.

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Power Rebel 26K

Outdoor solar power bank

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Power Rebel 48K

Powerful outdoor powerbank

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3 years warranty on 12V80 PRO battery, 2 years warranty on all other batteries, outdoorboxes and chargers. 1 year warranty on accessories.