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Connector cable with resettable fuse for quick and reliable connection of your e-motor to a 24V Rebelcell li-ion battery.


Note: the Quick Connect EM 100A cable is intended for use with e-motors with a power consumption between 60A and a maximum of 100A. If your e-motor has a power consumption of less than 60A, the Quick Connect 60A EM cable is the suitable option. 

  • 1 x 16 mm2 cable (~ 40 cm long with M8 tongue connectors and (ANEN SA-120, max 600V) grey connector, with 1 extra grey connector).
  • Integrated resettable 100A fuse.
  • The cable can be connected with 1 click to the e-motor for a secure and safe connection. The cable can be connected with 1 click to the e-motor for a secure and safe connection.

Warranty: 6 Months


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Outboard cable installation and usage:

  • 1The tongue connectors are ‘fixed’ to the battery terminals of your Rebelcell li-ion battery, while the extra grey connectors can be affixed to the cables of your 12V outboard engine.
  • 2The connector is suitable for wiring of  2-6 AWG, max 100A.
  • 3The silver colored contacts can be crimped (with a AMP crimping tool) or soldered to the cables of your e-motor or charger.
  • 4After crimping or soldering slide the the contacts into the grey connector housing till you hear a click ((make sure you note the + and – of the wires). The contacts are then secured and cannot be removed.
  • 5You can now connect the grey ANEN plug to the other grey ANEN plug for a secure and reliable connection.


  • 1We recommend you review the instruction manual of your outboard engine and place a suitable fuse in the outboard cable for safe use.
  • 2Consult with your dealer for further assembly instructions.


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