About us

Who we are

We are Rebelcell, a Dutch company started in 2012. We design, manufacture and market lithium-ion batteries. Batteries that weigh less, deliver more power, charge faster and last longer. Batteries that are convenient to use and are better for the environment than traditional batteries.

portable energy

for everyone

We focus on everyone who needs portable energy outside. From angling, marine and electric boating to camping and hiking. Whether you need to power your trolling engine or depth sounder, charge your phone, cool your drinks or need to light up the campsite. There is always a Rebelcell.

What we do

We develop together

We develop together. We always involve our customers early on in the product development cycle. This is how we make innovative products that meet their requirements to the max. We enjoy developing no hassle products that allow our customers to do what they really want to do. Spend as much time as they can in the outdoors without worrying about their energy supply.

from start to finish

safety and environment

We believe it is important to deal with safety and the environment in a sustainable way. Our entire chain of production, packaging, transport, storage and recycling is geared to this. We only work with partners who manufacture our products in accordance with European CE standards and use high-quality technology and materials.

strict requirements

handling and recycling

Our products are stored in our warehouse in the Netherlands in accordance with dangerous goods storage (PGS-15) regulations. We always pack and ship in accordance with ADR and UN safety rules. And we are affiliated with the STIBAT Foundation and WEEE to ensure that our products are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner at the end of the life cycle.

our vision

It starts with the customer

We believe that customers decide for themselves where and how they want to buy and use our products. That is why we sell our products in partnership with distributors and dealers and online via the Rebelcell brand store. Our products are available across all of Europe. Something we are quite proud of.

Our ambition? To be the leading portable energy supplier for the outdoors in Europe.


Order before 12.00 will ship the next business day. Our shipping companies comply with ADR regulations to ship lithium-ion batteries.


All payments take place on a secure connection and are thoroughly scanned every day for viruses and other cyber security issues.


3 years warranty on 12V80 PRO battery, 2 years warranty on all other batteries, outdoorboxes and chargers. 1 year warranty on accessories.