stop the heavy lifting

We have been providing lithium batteries for carp angling since 2013. We are proud that many thousands of carp anglers have chosen our lightweight batteries, outdoorboxes or powerbanks as their power supply. With a full range of products we have everything you need to power your trolling engine, depth sounder, bait boat or charge your phone. So stop the heavy lifting of lead-batteries and upgrade now.

The Rebelcell start


Save up to 70% in weight by upgrading to Rebelcell and improve the performance or your fishing boat. 12V / 24V trolling engines, multiple depth sounders with 16′ screens? Rough conditions, wind and 14 hour fishing days? No problem. Whether you fish from a predator angling boat, kayak or belly boat we have a suitable power solution that meets your needs.

our Outdoorboxes

Going places

Feeling the water. Getting to that hard-to-reach-spot. Not surprising that kayak and bellyboat fishing are becoming increasingly popular. Every kilogram you can save is important. Our lightweight batteries are extremely popular with kayak and belly boat fishing. And our new Outdoorbox is great if you are looking for a waterproof robust power source for your sounders or trolling engine. Check out our ambassador Nick Landman with an amazing perch!

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maxime your fishing day

And we continue to innovate to ensure you maximise your day on the water. We recently introduced the Range Extender. To charge your Rebelcell lithium batteries ‘on the go’ via your outboard and extend your fishing day. For 12V batteries and for 24V batteries.

Chargers and range extenders


Order before 12.00 will ship the next business day. Our shipping companies comply with ADR regulations to ship lithium-ion batteries.


All payments take place on a secure connection and are thoroughly scanned every day for viruses and other cyber security issues.


3 years warranty on 12V80 PRO battery, 2 years warranty on all other batteries, outdoorboxes and chargers. 1 year warranty on accessories.