FOX Global Logistics is new fulfillment partner for Rebelcell
February 12, 2021

FOX Global Logistics is new fulfillment partner for Rebelcell

Today we announced that effective February 15, 2021 FOX Global Logistics will become the new fulfillment partner for Rebelcell. FOX will handle all fulfillment activities for Rebelcell, both for the dealer network and B to C customers.

Strong growth ambition
‘Rebelcell in the last 8 years has become a leading supplier of lithium-ion batteries for fishing, marine and outdoor in Europe. Our ambition is to accelerate our growth in the coming years. In order to do that we need an experienced fulfillment partner that takes care of the entire logistics process. We believe that the partnership with FOX Global will allow us to focus on growing our business’ says Ravi Sankaranarayanan, Director of Rebelcell.

‘We are excited to expand the Rebelcell customer relationship from Benelux distribution, that we started at the beginning of 2020, to ‘one-stop’ fulfillment. We are well equipped to handle the increasingly complex logistics demand of storage and shipping of lithium batteries and can ‘unburden’ clients like Rebelcell so they can do what they do best: grow their business’ says Norman de Vos, CEO of FOX Global Logistics.