Rebelcell expands its product line with the 12V80 PRO lithium battery
March 1, 2022

Rebelcell expands its product line with the 12V80 PRO lithium battery

Rebelcell today announced the introduction of the 12V80 PRO battery. The 12V80 PRO is a powerful LiFePO4 battery specially engineered as an “all in one” battery: both for starting an outboard engine and / or as power supply for (multiple) depth sounders and / or trolling motor. The 12V80 PRO is a ‘drop in’ replacement for a start / service lead battery and can be charged via the outboard engine.

In 2020 Rebelcell introduced the Start, the first lithium starter battery for outboards up to 200HP. Its low weight combined with high starting current in all weather conditions and simplicity of installation and use have made the Start a great commercial success as ‘stand alone’ starter battery. Due to its modest capacity of 12A it is however less suitable for powering additional equipment such as depth sounders, for which a separate battery is required.

Market demand for ‘all-in one’ battery
We see that there is a clear demand for a battery that can do both; start your outboard ánd supply power for your 12V equipment on board. This demand can easily be explained in terms of simplicity: why use 2 batteries if you can do it all with 1 battery that also remains charged?” says Ravi Sankaranarayanan, Director of Rebelcell.

After an extensive development and testing phase we introduce the 12V80 PRO lithium battery, the “all in one battery” with high convenience for the demanding angler. This versatile powerhouse is well suited for deployment in cold weather: the Frost Control feature allows you to charge even in sub-zero temperatures. And with the convenient Rebelcell Bluetooth app, you can monitor charging status, temperature and battery health, among other things, for a worry-free day on the water.

12V80 PRO: ideally suited for anglers that

  • Like the simplicity and convenience of a single ‘all-in-one’ battery that can start their outboard ánd power their screens
  • Make extensive use of their outboard during a fishing day with e.g. Pelagic fishing or trolling and/or normally use a single lead-acid battery to start their outboard and power their screens or
  • Cast a lot with a smaller screen set-up and drive their boat multiple times from spot to spot.