Electric boating is becoming increasingly popular. Being one with nature. Tranquility. Without the noise, fumes and vibrations of a petrol outboard engine, you can enjoy in peace. Whether you are cruising inner city canals with a group of friends or open water in a nature reserve.

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Innovative companies like Torqeedo make electric outboards with lots of power and thrust. And we can provide all the lithium battery power you need. A whole day of cruising on one 16 kg battery with up to 114 kg of weight savings in your boat? No problem with the 24V100 lithium battery. Electric boating the Rebelcell way? Check out the video here.

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And you do not need to compromise on your comfort if you have a Rebelcell battery as power source. No charge station nearby? No worries. Our 24V100 battery only weighs 16 kg and can easily be taken home to quickly charge.

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Order before 12.00 will ship the next business day. Our shipping companies comply with ADR regulations to ship lithium-ion batteries.


All payments take place on a secure connection and are thoroughly scanned every day for viruses and other cyber security issues.


3 years warranty on 12V80 PRO battery, 2 years warranty on all other batteries, outdoorboxes and chargers. 1 year warranty on accessories.