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The right Lithium battery for your depth sounder, fish finder or other onboard electronics

Diverse visapparatuur die werken op de Rebelcell accu

For the use of your fish finder, depth sounders or other onboard electronics you obviously need a battery. But which battery best suits your needs? In this article we will discuss the equipment  you can connect to your Rebelcell battery, such as fish finders, depth sounders, chart plotters and other electrical equipment. Before you select the right battery it is important to know what equipment you want to connect.

What equipment do you want to connect to the battery?

Our first recommendation for your onboard battery set-up is dedicated batteries per application:

  1. a separate battery for your electric outboard or bow motor
  2. a separate battery for the electronic equipment
  3. a separate battery for starting your outboard engine.

The battery requirement (currents, speed of discharge) per application varies greatly for each application. Starting your outboard engine requires a short peak burst (up to 300A), while your sounders require continuous low current discharge (less than 5A) for a full fishing day and your trolling engine requires a moderate discharge (~ 50A).

Fishfinder-humminbirdFishfinders and depth meters

Fishfinders and depth meters usually work on 12V and should therefore always be used with a 12V battery, so a blue Rebelcell AV lithium battery. Depending on the brand and type of fishfinder, the use of a 12V DC stabilizer can extend the operating time enormously. This has to do with differences in the voltage of your fishfinder or depth meter and battery. The AV line has a voltage between 9.0V and 12.6V, while some fishfinders can have a voltage that does not quite correspond to this. For some fishfinders the AV line does not work “at the bottom”. The device requires a minimum input voltage of, for example, 10V. In that case, the fishfinder will stop working when the battery drops below 30-40%. In this case you do not use the full capacity of your battery, resulting in a shorter usage time than necessary. When a fishfinder is used in combination with a 12V DC stabilizer, it works without problems with any Rebelcell battery. Sometimes it is just not necessary and then it is only a waste: the 12V DC Stabilizer also uses a little bit of power. We give more explanation about the voltage here.

In short, which battery you need differs per brand and type. For each brand we have therefore listed which battery can best be used and whether a 12V DC stabilizer is required, sorted by model / type:

Do you have several devices connected to your battery and you want to know your runtime? Download our Fish finder battery tool.