Preparing for your next adventurous journey or a simple day out with your electric cooler box likely prompts considerations about its power supply. How long can your electric cooler box function before worrying about recharging the battery? It’s a question for many of us relying on these coolers to preserve our supplies during travels.

This article delves into the aspect of usage time for electric cooler boxes and explains why the Rebelcell Outdoorbox is the ultimate solution for you power supply. Read on to discover how you can enhance your outdoor experiences with the perfect power source for your electric cooler box.

Wat battery do I need for my cooler box?

Camping, boating, picnicking, or simply a day at the beach—an electric cooler box always proves handy. Compared to traditional coolers with ice packs, electric coolers are much better in preserving your drinks and snacks for a longer duration. However, these coolers need a power source. Most coolers come with a plug for regular wall sockets and a connection for a cigarette lighter. Yet, often, no wall socket is available when you need power for your cooler. Rebelcell offers two different solutions for this problem

The ultimate solution for electric cooler boxes for a short usage time: The Power Rebell 48K or 96K

Rebelcell has two different powerbanks that are a great solutions if you have a small cooler and you just want to use it for day trips.

The ultimate solution for electric cooler boxes: The Rebelcell Outdoorbox

The Rebelcell Outdoorbox is the ultimate solution for this and is ideal for providing power to your electric cooler box wherever you are if a longer runtime is needed. This innovative solution houses a built-in lithium battery and is available in three models: the 12V35, 12V50, and 12V70. Here are several reasons why the Outdoorbox is the ideal power solution for your cooler:

  1. Robust and waterproof casing. The Rebelcell Outdoorbox arrives in a sturdy, waterproof casing, ensuring your battery remains secure and protected, irrespective of weather conditions during your outdoor escapades.
  2. Powerful lithium battery. The lithium battery within the Rebelcell Outdoorbox boasts high power and durability. The Outdoorbox is lightweight and has an extended lifespan, capable of 1000 to 1500 cycles.
  3. Compact and portable Compact and lightweight, the Rebelcell Outdoorbox is easily transportable. The lightest model (12V35) weighs merely 3.7 kg, while the heaviest (12V70) weighs only 6.7 kg. You can carry your cooler box effortlessly without the burden of hefty batteries.
  4. Universal cigarette lighter plug connection The built-in cigarette lighter plug connection is among the key advantages of the Rebelcell Outdoorbox. Virtually all electric cooler boxes operate with this standard connection, simplifying the process of connecting your cooler box.

Usage time with your cooler.

How long can you run your cooler before you need to recharge the battery? This is a question often asked, but the answer is not so simple. Operating time depends on several factors, including:

  • Capacity of the cooler: The larger the cooler, the more power is needed to keep it at the desired temperature.
  • Product temperature: If you already put cold drinks in the cooler, the battery will use less energy than if you cool hot products.
  • Outdoor temperature: In extreme heat, the cooler has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, which can shorten the operating time.
  • Desired temperature: The lower you set the temperature in the cooler, the more energy is needed.

For this reason, the usage time can vary enormously.